We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


The Deep Fried Texas State Fair

5 months ago we took Nick to the Texas State Fair with Nana and Pop, and since I'm such a slacker, it's taken me this long to finally get this post published.  I (sorta) have a good reason.  We took him to the fair just after we returned from Russia with his Granny and Poppa and like the rookie parents we were then, we forgot our camera and had to stop to purchase a disposable one on our way there.  I mean, who gets film developed anymore?!  I know they could put it on a disk for me, but that means I a) have to remember to take the camera with me to the store; and b) have to take the time to go and pick it up.  I actually carried the thing around with me for a while, and always forgot to drop it off.  Then I came across it just before we went to the fair this year (2010 that is) and had big plans of posting both the pictures of his first year at the fair and his second excursion in a before and after kind of post.  Yeah - that didn't happen.  I have absolutely no idea where I've put the camera again after carrying it around in my purse for a few months!  

So...this post will just be some pictures of his second trip to the fair and once I find the camera I promise to have it developed, wait at the store to pick it up, drop whatever I happen to be doing at the time, and get the darn pictures posted!  Now that I write about it - I'm pretty anxious to see how cute and stocky he used to look!

Anyhoo...we went to the fair!  Nicky was thrilled to climb on some "diggers"...he woulda driven one right out the gate if we let him!

We spent some time in the kids' section where Nicky got to pretend to work on a farm...he LOVED it!  I think we're going to have to make sure he goes to a school with an Ag program.

We ate a bunch of deep fried yumminess...fried margaritas anyone? (sorry...no picture of that, but I assure you it was good!)  We watched a dog show which made me want a border collie even more than ever).  Pop, Daddy and Nicky visited the Tom Landry collection - Pop was in heaven.  Then Nicky played some games and rode some rides.  

Nicky thoroughly enjoyed the day and didn't want it to end.  He chatterboxed the whole way home about everything we did and although the fair was super-crowded and we didn't get to tick off everything on our list of to-do's/see, we can't wait to take him back next (this 2011) year for some more craziness!


Nicky's First Sleepover

Nicky and his friend Trevor are complete opposites, yet they make the best little buddies ever.  They get along really well and seem to balance each other out perfectly.  They can play alongside each other or together and rarely have they had a disagreement.  One beautiful sunny afternoon we decided to take Trevor and Nicky for a round of putt-putt.  From there we played soccer, played on the playground, a round of baseball in the front yard, took a bath, ate pizza, played in Nicky's playroom before finally succumbing to the tiredness around 9pm.  Since this first sleepover, they've had two more...all containing the same crazy fun and excitement.  It's the next best thing to having two kids full-time!

Here are a few pictures from all the fun...



Futbol Round Two

It's that time of year again...the weather's getting a little cooler.  The sun goes down earlier.  The kid's strap on their shin-guards and cleats and head to the soccer fields!  This year is really no different than last year.  Yes, Nicky is about a foot taller (man this kid grows like a weed!), and yes, the uniforms are much nicer.  However, the randomness that is our child running around like a crazy man on the field hasn't changed a bit!  

He still enjoys chasing his shadow; the chalk lines are somehow amazing to him; he can't be bothered to run for any long periods of time; and running and kicking at the same time...forget about it!  On the plus side...he does really enjoy the time he spends with the other boys on his team.  We were lucky enough to have Ethan and Jordan (twins), and Trevor on our team again this season (we also played t-ball with them this summer).  

I suppose that's the most important thing - Nicky is having fun and getting over his social anxiety somewhat and he's outside being active.  Never mind the fact that Momma has a hard time watching because he refuses to try (Daddy had a harder time with the non-t-ball playing).  Not that we want to be those parents that push their kids into various activities, but maybe if he actually tried to play, he might find that he's good at it.  Oh well...we're happy he gets out on the field and doesn't just sit on the sideline refusing to go in at all!


5 Fabulous Years!!!

(We had our "official" anniversary date last Saturday night (9.11.10)...we went to the Dave Matthew's Concert...Blitzer wanted to join us!)

Being that it's our anniversary today, I wanted to ride into the office with my super-cute hubby so I took my time getting ready this morning waiting for him to come home from the fire station.  I sent him a text to see if he was on his way, and he called back to say that he "just left work and is stuck in traffic so it might be a while".  Well, poo.  So, I loaded Nicky in the car for school and wouldn't you know, as soon as we turned out of our neighborhood, Kris turned onto our street.  Not being one to give up, I called and told him to hurry up and get ready mister!  I dropped Nick off at school then swung back to the house to grab my amazing husband of 5 years and to work we drove.

We had already gotten each other gifts in St Thomas...tanzanite earrings for me...
and a Tissot watch for my man...

Anywho...we parted ways and went to our respective corners of the office, and as I approached my desk I was surprised to find these beauties...

Yay for me!  Wasn't expecting them at all.  They are they same flowers we had in our wedding...how sweet and sentimental is that boy?!  Turns out, he didn't fib about "just left work..." - I just assumed he meant the fire station, when in reality he was leaving me a prize at our office...little sneak!  We're also going to have a hot lunch date to round out the day.  Not too shabby I think! :)


Mr Frog Visits the Fire Station

Nicky likes to share his "babies" with Momma and Daddy.  Daddy usually gets "Mr Frog", which we love because Mr Frog is the guy we took to Russia on all our trips to see Nicky at the orphanage, and was his first daily companion.  The other night, Nicky gave Mr Frog to Kris and told him to take him to the fire station with him the next day.  Kris, being a good daddy, obliged and even took pictures of Mr Frog enjoying his day at the "boys club" (aka the fire station).  Here he is on the ambulance... 

And hitching a ride on the fire engine...

When I picked Nicky up from school, I told him that Daddy had taken Mr Frog to work with him as he had asked.  Only problem was, Nicky didn't remember that conversation! :(  He asked me "daddy bring him back to me?"  I assured him that yes, Mr Frog would return in the morning and showed him the pictures of Mr Frog above.  This he was super excited about and wanted to know if we could go and visit him right then and there.  Then he became very concerned that Mr Frog would be dirty upon his return and I had to promise to give him a bath...that's one silly Russky!

Mr Frog, to this day, is Daddy's faithful companion at home, as Ellie Nellie is mine.  Nicky will even tuck them in our arm just so while we sit and watch tv and will rearrange them if we happen to move an inch!


A Little Russky in Paradise

We promised our little Russian transplant a beach vacation this summer, and we were bound and determined to deliver.  We bit the bullet and decided to visit Uncle Brent in St Thomas, USVI.  I say "bit the bullet" because who in their right mind goes to the Caribbean in the middle of hurricane season?!  Yeah...that would be us.  And when I say in the middle, I mean we literally traveled just after Hurricane Earl hit and with 3 impending tropical storms following!  Luckily, Earl spared St Thomas, and left us wonderful weather to enjoy to boot!  Here are some fun pictures from our trip...we are already planning a trip back (adults only this time...sorry little guy)!

Nicky reading some smut on the airplane...have we taught this kid right or what?
Fresh off the plane, Uncle Brent took us for a tour around the beautiful island.
The morning coffee view...never got old...
Lunch at the Shipwreck Tavern...Nicky was less than thrilled to be so close to a shark...real or not.
Nicky enjoying our first morning out on the boat...headed to St John
Beer man Kris bringing us thirsty boaters adult beverages back to the beach where we enjoyed an afternoon of throwing around the football and basking in the sun.
Nicky and "captain" Brandon.  Brandon told Nicky he could "drive" the boat if Nicky would allow Brandon to do his hair...take a long look at this pic...you'll probably never see Nicky's hair styled in such a fashion ever again.  He's more of a nice and tidy comb over kind of dude!
1st Mate Nicky driving the boat with his "girlfriend" Julie (aka Brandon's real-life girlfriend)
Nicky defiling the bathroom at Havana Blue...why oh why can't this be done at home?!
YUMMY dessert at Havana Blue, which followed a stellar meal!
Nicky sharing his ice cream with girlfriend Julie - he patted the chair next to him and requested her to join him...ah...young love!
Nick never wanted to pee while in the water, but somehow peeing off the boat was ok in his book!  Guess it's a guy thing...
White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
Nicky relaxing and allowing Daddy to bury his feet at the Soggy Dollar Bar
Nicky eating a pb&j which he pilfered off some cute chick in a bikini on the boat tied next to us...which was after he consumed french fries and a grilled cheese at lunch moments before...the kid's a bottomless pit when we travel!
Upon finishing the pb&j, he was awarded an orange from the same bikini-clad hottie...guess being a cute kid has it's perks! 
"I'm not a playa I just crush a lot"...Big Pimpin' Nicky's new saying...here he's posing with a bachelorette party in White Bay with girlfriend Julie...
Momma and Julie keepin' it real...
That's right Uncle Brent...hook 'em horns!
Nicky "surfing" on Brandon's back...
The happy Johnson family chillin' on the beach by the Soggy Dollar...wish we were there now!
The tiny, yet beautiful Sandy Spit...a must-see when cruising the BVI's...
Nicky swimming to Sandy Spit with girlfriend Julie (that's the island of Tortola in the background)
Nicky and Brandon digging on Sandy Spit
The happiest little Russky...ever...
Momma enjoying the tranquil ocean setting... 
Nicky and Daddy as we left Sandy Spit... 
Nicky met yet another cute girl at dinner (yummy pizza!) after boating all day...
Family picture...Magens Bay...by the look on Nicky's face, I am led to believe he's thinking "enough with the pictures already - i'm ready to swim and dig in the sand!"
Nicky finally let Kris bury him (almost) completely on the last day.  Check out his hands...he'll dig all day, but when buried, he won't touch the sand...so silly! 
Nicky and Daddy enjoying a dip before we had to leave paradise... 
Chillin' at Magens Bay...note to self...Sand Fleas abound - take caution and stay in the water!  My legs were so ate-up and were covered in tiny red dots from my knees down for weeks after the trip! :( 

On the way back to Uncle Brent's condo from Magens Bay, a sleepy little Russky leaned over and said to me "momma.  i no wanna go home.  i stay here at unka brent's house."  Enough said.  If there was ever a question as to whether or not Nicky had fun on the trip, I just have to remember him uttering those words.
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