We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...

2012 photo journal

a day in the life of nikita miles alexander johnson 2012

i knew this would be a challenging task for me, and i failed miserably.  well, not a complete failure, because i did take a lot of pictures, maybe not on per day, but, for some reason i just never managed to get them posted!  so, here are a bunch of random pictures to fill in a few gaps {not necessarily in any order}...

january 18, 2012
doin' a little early morning thinking :)  he's not actually going potty in this pic...i will try not to embarrass him as much as we've done in the past.  i guess he was super-tired, because he had to pop a squat while daddy took his pic this morning!

january 17, 2012
sir chats-a-lot showing his mean face after the 100th time i reminded him that he needed to hurry & finish his breakfast...

january 16, 2012
daddy took the non-stop-chatter-machine up to the office this afternoon for a bit so i could get some work done.  it's crazy how hyper-focused he becomes when he's "working".  he barely makes a peep and goes about his business creating decor for kris' bland cubicle!
 nick's super important "work"...

january 15, 2012
a two-fer today!  we went to 3rd monday trade days in mckinney &  the highlight for nick is 1.  seeing the animals; & 2.  riding the "train".  there were so many cute puppies out there today...almost had daddy convinced we needed a 4th!  we'll keep working on him...
poor daddy cramming his super long legs into the box-car of the "train"...

january 14, 2012
more iPod playing...you'd think that's all the kid does!  i like capturing the different positions he's in while playing.  he goes from sitting straight, to laying on his back, to hunched over, back to his back with his feet up the side of the couch, to his side leaning over like below...you name it!  usually his tongue's out too, cuz that's key to getting a great score on a game!  i tried to catch the tongue out in this one, but he busted me and gave me the "gosh mom...you're ruining my concentration" face.

january 13, 2012
crazy haired kid focusing on some intense lego building

january 12, 2012
freshly showered and posing with his "brother" blitzer

january 11, 2012
laying on the floor "playing like oliver"...only i'm pretty sure oliver isn't playing with an iPod!

january 10, 2012
helping daddy solve the mystery of the malfunctioning garbage disposal {still not solved...}

january 9, 2012
hanging out with his little buddy oliver

january 8, 2012
lazy day watching movies with momma.  he was enthralled by both "free willy" and "the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe".

january 7, 2012 {2 pix today...guess i'm making up for missing a day earlier in the week!}
"working" with daddy at the office...he was so "busy" he didn't want to leave!
helping daddy build a shoe shelf for our master closet reno...horrible picture, so you can't really tell...but he's wearing his new bike/scooter helmet for "safety" reasons!  not sure why...he just HAD to have it on!

january 6, 2012
hanging out in his playroom after school, awaiting the arrival of his buddy trevor

january 5, 2012
wedged between the chair, dresser, and wall in our master bedroom, playing his iPod.  i was putting clothes away in the closet and he came in to hang out...started on the bed; ended up here!  not sure how this spot is more comfy than the bed...but he stayed in this position for quite a bit of time!

january 4, 2012
sheesh!  only a few days into this project and i've already forgotten to take a picture?!  get on the ball momma!

january 3, 2012
playing some games on his new iPod after bath time...he would play on that thing for hours if we let him!

january 2, 2012
father frost visited on new year's day, and nick was so excited to play in his new tent, so we let him take a nap in it.  i guess he was worn out from all the fun at nana and pop's and playing with his friends the night before, because his afternoon nap lasted until the next morning!

january 1, 2012...happy new year!!!
well, in typical boy fashion, we started out the new year with a bang...to the face that is!  still not sure exactly what happened...either a water bottle or a toy was thrown and made contact with his face while playing with his friends.  he didn't cry or come tell us, and even after i pointed it out, he didn't even seem to remember it had happened!

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