We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


How in the heck do I have a 1st grader?!

{let's just pretend that i'm caught up on this here blog.  and that you know all about how kindergarten went.  and you know all about our fun summer, etc.  & let's dive into a new era...one where momma gets her booty in gear & actually updates this journal of the russky's life!}

6am.  snooze.  6:09am.  snooze.  6:11am.  crud!  what time is it?!  get up!  first day of school!!!  can't be late like you were to sort pta school supplies or for meet the teacher day!!!  {more on momma over-sleeping later!  hmm...interesting...now i know why nick asks me "did you get enough sleep last night momma?" just about every morning!}

* arouse the russky at 6:40 ... check

* still rubbing the russky's back & coaxing outta bed at 6:50 ... check

* finally up & dressed {& looking so handsome i might add!} at 7:00 ... check

* breakfast eaten {sausage wrapped in pancakes & blueberries} ... check

* teeth brushed & face washed {sorta ... missed a bit of the syrup on the ol' cheek, but that's what mommas are for, right?} ... check 

* hair brushed & blow dried {yeah...that won't last long, but gotta look good for the 1st day!} ... check 

* healthy snack packed in new backpack {grapes...i heart that this kid hearts fruit!} ... check

* new shoes on the peets {i have to brag about my victory too...he got two new pairs of shoes for school - one plain ol' normal non-light-em-up's & one star wars light-em-up's.  somehow i managed to convince him that he should save the star wars for day two.  he had already taken his melatonin...was perhaps a little groggy...maybe i didn't win all that fairly...but...what can i say?  i know i won't be able to pick out his clothes forever, so i'll take it for as long as i can!} ... check

* rush to get in the car to drive one block to school at 7:25am {yeah, yeah, yeah...i'll reduce our carbon footprint tomorrow...i have school supplies to sell to new kids so can't be late!} ... check

* sad because daddy worked at the fire station yesterday & didn't make it home in time to wish him a good day {at least he got to talk to him on the phone & he'll get to see him later today!} ... check 

* walk as sloooooooly as possible up to the school ... check & double check

* hide behind momma while being told "good morning!" & "have a great 1st day!" by the principal & teachers in the hallways ... check

* run into a few friends in the hallway while walking to classroom...momma thinking this would lift his spirits & bring him outta his shell but not so much ... check

* take picture in front of locker {whether he smiles or not!  took two outta spite!} ... check
* wander around the classroom looking for his desk {couldn't remember & got a little nervous about this process - apparently kris walked him to it 4 times at meet-the-teacher day, but...well...he is a boy & boys don't have the greatest of memories ya know!} ... check

* tell "mrs egg-wargs" {aka "mrs edwards" to us laypeople...will he ever have a teacher who's name he doesn't have a hard time pronouncing?!} good morning ... check

* run back to momma for one last minute hug, tears in eyes, saying "but i just wanna stay home with you!" {momma's heart melts!} ... check

* wave to momma & sit at desk ready to take on the world at 7:40am ... check!

so.  now i'm sitting at home.  in a completely quiet house.  trying to figure out what the heck i'm gonna do with my day!  it sure goes by supa fast so i better figure it out quickly.  i suppose i'll drag myself kicking & screaming to the grocery store.  not a fan...but sure beats going with a russky in tow! 

xoxo ... liese f
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