We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


fall mantle 2011...

you can see the entire post & shout-outs under the "she's crafty" tab, but here's a few pictures of my handiwork.  i can't quite figure out how to get my "pages" to work correctly & let me do individual posts there, so in the meantime, please bear with me!

xoxo...liese :o)


Christmas 2010...better late than never!

last christmas we celebrated with granny & poppa {kris' parents}.  it was the first year nick truly understood what all the fuss was about and he was actually excited for the big red man to come.  we were also fortunate enough to spend time with our good friends the dutton's (andrew, wendy, trevor and blair bear).  we walked the lights in our neighborhood with mugs of hot chocolate and had yummy desserts.  we also attended the candlelight service at our church.  it was a great christmas and each one is better than the last as nicky learns all about the true meaning of christmas...

here are a few shots of nick helping make and decorate our christmas cookies.  i bought some fun beach inspired ones to go with our home decor, but the cookies themselves turned out really flat...and huge!  we did our best with what we had, and they tasted good none-the-less!
trevor & nicky dancing to the light show at one of the houses in our neighborhood
our hot cocoa light tour crew
blair bear all cozy
nick & trev struttin' their stuff


nick ready to meet santa
ho ho ho...how cute is this?!
leaving cookies for santa
loved his trampoline so much he had to open all his gifts while sitting on it! 
best.  present.  ever.
                    nicky thanking granny & poppa for his gifts

nicky & daddy making granny's birthday cake
the whole family out to dinner to celebrate granny's birthday...


turkey day 2010...a tad overdue...

the end of 2010 was quite the blur.  we busily prepared for my parents, brother, his kids, and my cousins and their families to join us for thanksgiving.  that meant prepping the inside and outside of the house - which for kris, meant spending countless hours outside trimming, planting, mowing, hanging decor, etc.  he's such a good boy! :)  anyhoo...at this point, our pictures are gonna speak a 1000 words...because i don't have any super stories to go along with them other than the fact that spending time with family can be both rewarding and stressful at the same time.  at the end of the day, i'm so thankful to have such a wonderful, loving, awesome family that i get to spend time with and i cherish every moment!

kris, brent, viv & pop all got to go to the Cowboy's game on thanksgiving day itself, so our feast was the day after.  here's kris & brent testing out some Cowboy's apparel for the game.  {notice i capitalized Cowboy's & yet nothing else...yeah...i live in texas...football always comes 1st!}

the kiddos hung out playing, making crafts while nana & i prepped our thanksgiving feast

we took our stir crazy bunch to look at christmas lights in our neighborhood while we waited for the football bunch to return
after lights, we came home for dessert and cozy-ing up in our comfy jammies
over the weekend we took the kids to the mckinney dickens' of a christmas for some food and activities.  2010 was our 3rd annual visit and we must like it because we already have plans to attend this year!
the beautiful miss emily with her face painted

brenden & nicky with their faces painted...this was nicky's 1st time to actually allow it to be done!  he's not the biggest fan of paint on the face...i don't think he likes the way it feels.

other than that we pretty much just hung out at the house, ate a TON and enjoyed spending time together!  
xoxo...liese :o)


1st Rule of Fight Club...

...you don't talk about fight club!

lesson learned:  don't mess with a feisty 2-year-old red-head...she's liable to launch a sippy cup at you.  and ~ if you have less than stellar catching abilities, well, your face might get in the way!

figures too...poor kid always seems to have some random facial issue or another any time we have plans for a family gathering, photo session, trip planned.  i'm surprised child protective services hasn't placed a visit yet!  little dude tends to just fall on his face...it's like 'really?  can't you put your arms out to catch you or something?!'  oh well...i suppose it adds character...and he's still cuter than cute all the same!


Random Wednesday Nicky

nice hair dude!

nicky:  momma...it smells WEIRD outside!

momma:  it does?  what's it smell like?

nicky:  like God's pooping!

momma:  wow...i don't think i've ever smelled that before...but i'll take your word for it!

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