We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


No No Cow!

A friend of mine (Wendy) gave me a bank that's in the shape of a cow & she's painted very fancy - like those cows that travel all over the world in the Cowparade. Anyway, Kris & I call her the "cash cow" and we've introduced her to Nicky. He loves to feed her money & the second he sees any loose change lying around, he picks it up and says "cow?".
So - a few weeks ago Nicky & the cow had a little tussle. It went a little something like this: Nicky feeds the cow. Momma doesn't have any more change for the cow. Nicky becomes upset at this fact. Nicky kicks the cow while momma's not looking. Nicky picks up the cow so momma doesn't see (only momma does see...love those eyes you get for the back of your head when you become a momma!). Nicky realizes the cow's ear has broken off. Momma realizes Nicky's bleeding from somewhere (initially just saw the blood on the floor, assumed it wasn't the cow's). Momma sees that it's Nicky's finger. Once momma points out the fact that Nicky's bleeding he yells "No No Cow!".And why wouldn't he yell at the cow? Wasn't it in fact the cow's doing? Forget the fact that he's the one that kicked her over in anger! Oh to be a 2 1/2 year old again & have no responsibility in the world! The cut turned out to be a very little thing on the end of his index finger, but it sure did bleed! We have all since kissed and made up and are friends once again. However, now when I get the cow out for Nicky, the first thing he does is scold her with "No No Cow!", then proceed to feed her the money!

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