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Gearing Up for Round Two

Two weeks ago I received round one of three epidural injections for my crazy pain in my neck/shoulder blade regions.  Although it seems to have helped, I wouldn't say that I'm quite cured just yet.  I'm really not a fan of needles, but I'll suck it up if it helps alleviate the pain.  I asked my pain doc if he thought it was really necessary for me to have the trifecta and his answer was "you're trying to avoid having surgery, right?"  Ok then...you'll see me at the surgery center next Tuesday! 

So, bring on the "cocktails" and cross your fingers that the second time's the charm!

*my "wining and dining" post-injection...they sure know how to win a gal over!*

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amber teamann said...

i looooooooove graham crackers, became addicted at hospital post tenley!!!

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