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Florida Keys Part 4 - Islamorada & Key Largo

Quite frankly, I'm so over blogging about Florida! That is not to say we didn't thoroughly enjoy ourselves on the trip; it's just that I've been so lazy and haven't felt like posting about it, that now I'd rather move on to more recent topics. So - this last and 4th FL Keys post will be a culmination of our final few days spent in paradise.

Nicky got pretty good at sleeping in the car on this trip...
We stayed at the Ocean View Inn and Sports Pub in Islamorada for our final 3 nights of our Keys adventure. It's very quaint (7 rooms total) and not for those expecting anything fancy, but we highly recommend it to anyone passing through the Keys. We thought it suited our needs quite well, and Nicky enjoyed having a big bed to himself...that is if you don't count his "bunk mates"!
We were pretty knackerd after spending our days running around Key West, so we decided a lazy day around the pool was in order for the 1st day in town.
We managed to drag ourselves away from the pool long enough to take a glass-bottom boat ride from John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, to view the 3rd largest coral barrier reef in the world. Items of note on this excursion: 1.) Momma got very seasick and spent most of the ride sucking on peppermints - they (surprisingly) help!; 2.) On our way back to shore, we were told the location we ventured to was located within the Bermuda Triangle...kinda cool!; and 3.) Although Nicky has told us he wanted to "go on boat" for several months prior to our trip, the act of being on the boat didn't turn out to be as thrilling as he thought...he did however, get extremely excited to see all the (much) smaller boats pass by!
We stopped off for a bit of souvenir shopping on our way home. Kris found a chair just his size...and his favorite color to boot! tee hee hee!One of Momma's life-long dreams came true on this trip...I got to swim with the Dolphins! Her name was "Castaway", and she was deaf, therefore it was more of a "cuddle" than a "swim"...all the better to me! I got to have her all to myself, as there weren't any other takers for the program that day! Nicky seemed to have a good time watching, and now when he sees a picture of a dolphin, or toy, etc, he will say "i watch Momma dolpin". (No - not a typo - he can't say the "f" sound...Pretty darn cute!)
That about wraps up our trip. Nicky and Momma came back with killer tans...Daddy does have a tan-line, however, I'm not sure that "off-white" really constitutes a "tan"! :) (Sorry, husband - you're just not the tanning type I guess!). Overall, I'd have to say that we had an awesome time and as far as 1st family vacations go, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

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