We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


Thank You Girlfriend Gina!

To continue the back-log of blogging, I have yet another overdue post to complete prior to my trip across the pond!  Nicky's "girlfriend" Gina babysat him for Momma and Daddy one night so we could go to a Christmas party.  Nicky was surprised  that not only did he get to play with Gina for the night, but she brought him his Christmas present early...the loudest toy trucks...EVER (which means Nicky will play with them for hours on end, all alone...whoo hoo!)!  Nicky is obsessed with trucks and "trash trucks" have (for some reason) struck his fancy (he points them out very excitedly when he sees them on the road)...although I will back him on whatever profession he chooses, I hope a job with the sanitation department is not in his future!  Who knew that they made toy versions of them?! 

Anyway...thanks, Gina, you really scored with this gift!!!

(This is supposed to be a picture of Nicky hugging Gina, but it looks a bit like he's sniffing her armpit...oh well...)

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