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Life Without a Dishwasher

We've been sans dishwasher since just before Christmas. The good news is it's under warranty, therefore the cost to us is less than what it could've been. The bad news is it's under warranty, therefore we have to rely on the idiot people which LG outsources their service. They came out to assess the situation - we need a new motor. They ordered the part and set up a time to come out to install said part - on a day that Kris couldn't be at the house. They set up yet another time to come out - never showed up. Third time had to be the charm, right? Nope - they came out and had the wrong part! So - now we're still waiting for the darn part and installation! To make matters worse, the service company is in Atlanta and they send the work orders to their branch here in Dallas, so every time Kris calls to find out what's going on, he reaches a call center. And they never answer the phone - quite the shoddy operation if you ask me. Kris finally got the number for the guy that showed up the second time, and hopefully he will actually show up this week like we've been promised. I don't understand how companies such as this stay in business with such offerings of shady work and customer service.

To sum it up, it's been over a month of doing dishes by hand. And with a 2 year old in the house I constantly wash my hands, which has all lead to a mean case of dishpan hands! How in the world did our foremothers do it? (I say foremothers because you know our forefathers were NOT washing dishes! Unless they were like my wonderful husband who thankfully pitches in!) I ask of you, dear reader, please send us some good juju and hope that the dude shows up with the part this week! I know it's a very petty thing to wish for when there are more important things that I could be focusing on, and not having a dishwasher isn't the end of the world, but hey - sometimes it's the little things that can get one bogged down.

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