We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


"Be Right Back"

Ah...the phrases you don't realize you say a lot until you become a parent and your child throws them back at you. Well..."be right back" is definitely a frequently used one in our household. The most typical scenario is in the morning when I put Nicky on the potty to start our day. As I turn to leave the room to begin my morning make-up, etc ritual, I say "be right back". Actually, any time I leave Nicky alone I tend to say "be right back", and have said that same thing since we brought him home 8 months ago. Well...a few weeks ago Nicky turned the tables on me.

Daddy was at the fire station and Nicky and I had just gotten home from school. I had to use the potty, and it was evident I was going to be a little while, so I had asked Nicky to bring a car into the bathroom to keep him occupied. Now, let me just clarify - I know this sounds a bit odd - or gross...but - you fellow moms out there know it's next to impossible to have any time alone whatsoever to take care of "business", so, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Not to mention - him playing with a car was much better than him wanting to sit on my lap and read books with me while I was sitting there!!! Anyway - as Nicky turned to leave the bathroom, he reached into the basket full of magazines by the potty, grabbed one for me and put it in my lap. He then took both of my hands and put them on my knees, pointed to the toilet paper and told me "no touch" (I suppose this is due to the last incident when he tried to wipe himself)! As he sauntered (or swaggered, it was hard to tell which it was, but it was much more than a mere walk...) out of the bathroom, he looked over his shoulder, out of the corner of his eye, and said "be right back"! He came in a few times after that over the next few minutes and checked on me, each time telling me "be right back" before exiting the room. I'd have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable moments I've ever had in that room of the house!

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