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Fun in the Sun Weekend

hi friends...it's me, nicky j! :) i wanted to tell you all about my super-fun weekend i had with my momma and daddy. it all started saturday morning when momma took me to "darget" (Target in Nicky-speak) to buy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 toys for me to play with in my friend gina's swimming pool. i got a fun boat (momma says it's a raft, but it's big, it floats, and you can get in it...so it must be a boat!), some goggles that make me look like an olympic swimmer, a football for daddy, and a bunch of fun squishy animals that float around the pool - i'm so lucky! anyway...after nap time, we all went over to gina's house to swim and then daddy grilled some yummy food for us to eat for dinner. here are some fun pictures of us...

here's me all geared up and ready to get in! how ya like my goggles?!momma made daddy put this sunscreen stuff on me 1st - i didn't like it at all! i was just ready to get in that pool already!
here's me testing the water...it was a little chilly at first, so me and momma took our time getting in all the way.
silly momma said the water was still cold, so gina took me on my boat for a ride!

momma finally got in and i decided to play in this cool fountain thingy. it was so fun to put my feet on it and splash momma in the face!
my new nick-name is "nicky noodles" - not sure why - my momma just started calling me that, so i'm just going along with it cuz it sounds silly! anyway - here's me and my family floating on some noodles - i like those things! daddy used them like an elpant's (Elephant in Nicky-speak) trunk and momma used them as trumpets...these people are crazy!
here's me floating with my best friend ever - my dad!
ok - so i'll admit - after all this fun swimming in the sun i got a little sleepy...
...but then i got my 2nd wind when i got out of the pool and found this really cool door!
it was so much fun to go in and out of the house this way...we gotta get one of them at our house!
then i built me a fort with this cool chair...gina's got some fun stuff to play with at her house! thank you, gina for letting us come over to swim and play!!!
sunday morning momma and me went back to darget - she says she "forgot something" when we went yesterday, but i think she just likes that store! anyway - after we went there, she took me to this place called central market for lunch, with the promise of some playground time...she delivered! there was a big, cool old mac donald's barn thing to climb on with some fun slides! momma forgot her camera, so there are no shots of me in action, but she says we'll go back "later" (Note: if we don't do something right now with Nicky, it's always either in a minute, tomorrow and/or later & usually always in that order...as long as he knows he's getting what he wants at some point, he's good!). after nap time, daddy came home from work and we all went to the backyard to give the dogs a bath - they don't really like it, but it was pretty fun! i didn't like it when they shook all the water on me...why do they do that anyway? and - i got some dog hair on my hands & that was YUCKY! oh well - it was still a good time.

here's me brushing blitzer

and here's me helping momma spray bailey

after the dog's bath, i got to play in my water table...now that was more my speed!

after all that tomfoolery, i finally got to relax with my new "baby", sammy the cat (my friend gina gave him to me yesterday and he's joined me and jack bunny in all our antics around town today). i watched a new movie called the aristocats and i liked it a lot, so i might have to add it to my loop of movies. momma said she was "so over" shrek, nemo and lion king - whatever - they're my faves and i can't get enough of them!

here's me lookin' cool while i ate my yummy dessert! momma made some brownies and mixed it with some yummy vanilla yogurt (my favorite) and some blackberries! (Note: the sunglasses did not leave his face all day, except for sleeping and bath-time! He got so many compliments on them while we were out and about!)

well, i don't know about you peeps, but i had an awesome, fun-filled weekend! i hope you all did too and i hope you enjoyed my pictures!

smell ya later gators! nicky j :)

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