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My Day at the Dallas Zoo

hi - it's me nicky j!

so my momma, daddy, granny and me all went to the dallas zoo together. i had no clue what the heck a zoo was, but hey - i got to ride in the "machina", so all was good in my world! well, we got to this zoo place and there was almost no one in the joint...we practically had it all to ourselves. we looked at some lemur things - i remember seeing them on that movie madagascar my momma made me watch - then we moved on to look at some big pink birds that stood on one leg. i tell you what - that was impressive - i have trouble on both legs some days! from there we went to the part called the "children's zoo"...i was totally in my element! there was a ton of stuff to do and see and i even decided that sitting in my stroller was way overrated...i was all about running around and lookin at stuff. first we looked at some little donkeys...they were ok - my momma even pet them, but their teeth were way too big for my liking. then we went to see some noisy roosters - their songs were for sure my taste...i love me some "musica"!

i turned my head cuz i heard some quacking noise, and there were the baby duckies! i sure like me some duckies! my totally favorite book right now is 10 rubber ducks.
anyway - i walked on this wooden bridge thing all by myself...apparently that makes me a "big boy" or something...adults - so easy to please! then i saw that some other kid was getting to feed the fuzzy sheep things, so i was so going back to that cage for sure!then daddy put me on this wooden horse thing - it just sat there, like "so, does this do anything?" and then daddy shook it up & i was like "oh yeah - i can go 8 seconds!"after that, we walked over to this big round bowl thing and looked at some really hugacious fish...that was cool.but - i have to say, the way coolest thing ever was that little pony i got to ride! i l-o-v-e loved it! i'll admit - i was a little scared to ride it, but that was like only for one second and then i was so over it! i rode that pony all by myself (well, there were 2 ladies there, but that was all for show - we didn't want momma & daddy to be scared!). (once again, i'm a "big boy"...get a new phrase, folks!)
then my momma, me & my granny went into this place called the "discovery house". they had all kinds of fun stuff to do in there and there were a few glass box things that had lizards and stuff in them. my momma got kinda scared when the dude that worked there said "yeah, he's in there. he's just hiding behind the paper." momma walked real fast to go outside to daddy when that dude said "hold on - i'll get "it" out for you to see!" i was like "wait! i wanna see "it"!" well, i did get to see "it"; daddy took me back in. "it" was what the guy called a snake! it was so cool - i really liked petting it - even my daddy & granny did some petting of the cool thing! momma doesn't know what she's missing (notice there isn't even a picture of this milestone! hello momma - i just pet a snake!)

from there we went to see some monkeys - they sure can swing...hmmm - swing...makes me think of my swing in my yard...
where was i? oh yeah - then we went in search of these things my daddy calls "tigers" - they were pretty lame - couldn't even show themselves - nowhere to be found so we moved on. we saw these fun things my momma liked called "otters". i'll admit - they sure can swim! reminds me of myself during bath time!
after that, we went to see an elephant - only saw it's booty thou...it was really big! then we looked at some birds - by the way - my daddy is not a big fan of birds at all, but he did snap a pic of this crazy looking guy! then momma said it was getting late, and i had to agree - my belly was starting to growl - so we headed back to the exit. i did, however, get to ride the carousel thing before we left, and i got to sit on a cheetah! i was all about that! i so couldn't believe it when momma & daddy told me it was time to go! seriously? i'm digging this dudes! i don't need to eat...well...on second thought - i do like me some food! all in all, it was a fun day! we went to lunch and then daddy went to work and i had some pupka to take care of, so momma, me & granny had to head home fast! i sure can't wait to go to that zoo place again! momma says there are a bunch more animals we didn't get to see!

smell ya later, gators! :) nicky j.

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