We are a married couple who adopted our little Russky, Nikita {aka Nicky, Nicky noodle, little man, Nikoli, the Nickster, crazy dude, goofball, puppy love, etc...you get the picture!} from St Petersburg, Russia four years ago. Join us as we stumble through the joys and perils of parenthood, while our son teaches us a few things along the road...


"i no wanna be big no more"

The other night we all went to Target for a bit of grocery shopping.  Kris got Nicky out of the car and we were walking to the front of the store.  Nicky asks Kris to carry him.  Kris tells him "No, you need to walk."  Nicky responds "caaarrryyy mmmeee.  my kneee hurrrttsss!", with his arms reached out as far as he can reach for Kris to pick him up.  Kris begins to walk much faster.  Nicky runs after him.  Hmm...your knee hurts, huh?

We finished our shopping, and as we were checking out, Nicky asks me to hold him.  I told him "Not right now buddy, I'm trying to pay for our groceries.  Stand with the cart like a big boy."  Nicky says "i no wanna be big no more.  i stay little."

Oohhh...THAT'S why your "knee hurts"!  The truth is, you know you're getting bigger and we won't (cuz we can't) carry you around as much anymore, so you think if you say you're hurt, then we'll oblige!  And, you miss the closeness you feel when we're holding you and constantly giving you all our attention.  Well, why didn't you just say so?! 

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